Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I really enjoyed the diptych project this semester so I decided to replicate it with new subject matter, playing around with lighting and progression of time. 

Passage of Time

These photos were taken over the course of five weeks, with one photo taken once a week for five consecutive weeks. I choose to photograph a tree in my back yard because for a short period in the spring the buds blossom into pink flowers and then quickly change into vibrant green leaves; therefore, it was the perfect subject to demonstrate the passage of time.


Janelle Fuji eats breakfast in her dining room, fueling up for a long day ahead with the a bowl of oatmeal. 
Fuji begins her long day of chores around the household. She begins by tackling her least favorite task: laundry.
The day's work has yet to be finished. After all the day's chores and work Fuji still has to prepare dinner, tonight it's scrambled eggs, for her daughter, Alyssa Fuji. 
Kindly, Janelle Fuji helps her daughter by removing all of her sticky notes from this semester's IB Senior English course at Tualatin High School. This must be done so that her daughter can return her books to the library and graduate in a few days. 
At about 9 P.M. Fuji is finally able to relax for the evening. Fuji diligently crochets a row of her afghan every night. She is making the afghan with her daughter's favorite colors. She makes it with the purpose of sending it with her daughter when she leaves for college at the University of California, Berkeley this fall. 
Ready for bed after a long day of chores and errands Fuji relaxes in bed, trying to make herself tired, with a good book and her bedtime companion, Sumi [dog]. Fuji recently rediscovered her love of reading while looking for relaxing and effortless activities to occupy herself with during chemotherapy. 
Relaxed and sleepy from her book, Fuji calls it a day and falls asleep satisfied by a hard day's work around her Tualatin home. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I love taking photos of flowers because there are so many different angles, lighting techniques, and approaches to make a simple flower unique. One of my favorite things to do on Memorial Day is visit the cemetery. It is also a great opportunity to see various different flowers, usually unique to one's lost loved one.